What is the Crochet Academy all about?

In a nutshell…

Crochet Academy was created to cut through all of the noise of doubt and give you an exact path to get started, improve, perfect unleash you creativity as a crochet artist.

My name is Petra Monaco, and I’m the founder of the Crochet Academy.

Over the years, I’ve gone through all of the ups and downs you can imagine.

From the highs of creating a new masterpiece with yarn and a hook…

…to the self-criticism and doubts to hearing strangers they’d wish they could do that and then creating the life I want, doing what I love.

There are some people that can’t wrap their minds around it all but there’s something special about artists that keeps on creating because it is doing what we love that brings us the most joy!

I want to give people the space where we come together to create amazing things with some yarn and a hook. Whether you are just beginning in this journey, or already have some excellent skills but know there is always room for improvement.

I know there are lots of places to learn from but here’s why you may want to consider joining: 

Exactly What You Need to Know

You could binge on hours of YouTube videos, reading forums, and trying to piece together knowledge. The challenge is that it will lead to information overload and overwhelm. Here you will find step-by-step video tutorials that will save you hours of frustration.

Learn at your own pace

Some things can’t be rushed as we all learn and crochet at a different pace. So take your time, ask questions and get the support to master your crochet skills. Sometimes, a project just needs more time to get it right and you shouldn’t rush through it.

Learn by Doing

Here you will learn as you create through our crochet along,  monthly get-together’s to get support and ask questions. You will master individual crochet stitches and then tie them all together into amazing yarn creations and show off your new learned skills.

Make new friends crochet amazing gifts!

You don’t ever have to feel alone. We have a forum to talk to one another, post about your work, and make new friends.  

Community events, challenges, and group get-togethers give you the chance to interact as much as you like. It’s your call.

You can participate in live discussions or work together with Petra and your fellow community members to push yourself and your creativity to new heights.

Dedication from the team

And, because this community is only available to Crochet Academy members, you can rest assured that only your fellow members will see your work.

You’ll also get super-useful advice and tips designed to help you with some of the most challenging aspects when it comes to crochet.   

We all need a little support from time to time, and the Crochet Academy community is your secret weapon to help pull you through when times get tough.

Ready to kickstart your journey into Crochet?